Your Brand + Who you attract! 

Branding: Who are you and who do you want to attract into your business?

As coaches we are the billboard! We are the product! We aren't just selling beachbody we are connecting to people by sharing who we are. We have there luxury to be able to cultivate WHO we work with. It's pretty incredible! Everything you share on social media can tell a story or convey a message to attract this type of person, customer or coach!

I can’t tell you how many people I've attracted to my "business" by sharing myself and who I am. Ive basically worked at trying to attract my friends! People who I want to hang with! They don't always start to follow me because of my fitness but they might eventually find it helps them and they become customers down the road.

For example, if you’re hard working, into fashion and animal rescue, but you spend much of your time posting sweaty workout pictures and pictures of your night outings with friends, you may not attract your ideal client.

Many coaches work so hard on themselves but then skimp on doing the work of finding out who their ideal customer is because it takes time and well, it’s not always easy to hone it in. I so glad I did this exercise and got clear with WHO I was speaking to and WHO I WANT to attract and who I WANT to work with.

Action Exercises:

•Make your own Avatar/ vision poster ( use Canva on your computer or use the phone apps Over or Wordswag) A photo isn't necessary but can be kinda fun. Get very specific. It can be a reflection of YOU or the kind of person you WANT to work with. 

What did you learn about yourself and the person that you want to work with?

•Once you have done this branding exercise, ask your uplink coach to give you feedback on your social media pages, whether it’s your FB profile page, Like page, or Instagram. Ask them if what you are projecting is in alignment with who you want to attract? How are you coming across? What kinds of people will your posts attract. Be open to feedback.



The one I created as a new coach and I feel like I've stayed pretty close to this!

The one I created as a new coach and I feel like I've stayed pretty close to this!