Social Media 

Social media is a free tool to help you reach more and help more people. Remember to BE YOU. Consistency builds trust. It takes time. But stay consistent. Think of your social media as your store front. Are you private? Can people come to your profile and see what you're about? Does it convey health and fitness or nutrition? I don't think its necessary to create a brand new account. Simply integrate your new journey into your feed. Your true friends will get behind you. Or you'll lose the friends who maybe aren't the best people to have in your life and you will find NEW friends who support your journey. Be patient. 

Tips explained in video:

3 a day rule: We no longer advise you post 3 times a day, once is enough but make sure you are sticking to the topics of your store front and make sure you are sharing on your IG stories 7-10 times a day. Good rule of thumb is to still follow these following things: 

  • Health and fitness or food - inspiring, some type of message, workout selfie, shakeology, healthy food!  
  • Coaching! - How coaching /beachbody has changed your life so far, inviting others to join your team, how you're growing inside and out.
  • Something personal ( on point with your brand) YOU.

Ask questions in your posts to boost engagement! Always comment back to their comments! People who are liking and commenting are becoming your "market"

IG FLIRT! Like 3 photos of someone you want to work with, and make sure to comment on one photo.

When posting make sure you TAG places! Use hashtags that reflect who you are trying to reach. Do not follow and comment only on other BB coaches. Do not use Hashtags about beach body.. only people searching those hashtags are other coaches! On IG stories you will want to Geo tag places ( even places you are not - gives you broader exposure!) and hashtag videos! Experiment with Instagram POLLS! I like to ask questions that don't give people a NO so either way I have something to message them about later to invite them! 

Think about what do you love outside of Beachbody? Where are you at in your life? Are you a mom, pregnant, dog mom, military wife, crafter, etc etc..  Write down 5 things and refer to them when looking up hashtags or when you are posting! 

Example! thrifting, puppies, my boyfriend, girly stuff and coffee! 


80% of viewed content is VIDEO!!!! Remember that when you're nervous about going live or sharing on your story. People are watching stories more than engaging on posts! Practice going live on our Team Page on FB! Share on our Team TCB stories! 

GOAL: Document our lives and go live means AUTHENTICITY.