Signing up customers and coaches!

The fastest way to sign people up is by giving them the direct link or creating a share-a-cart for them!

Free APP BBlinks

Share a cart: ( this gives the option to enroll them as a coach same time for free! *coach fee waived when buying a challenge pack)



upgrading challengers to coaches!

When a customer EVER purchases a challenge pack the $39.95 coach sign up fee is waived. 

Script I use to upgrade my current challengers:

So here’s how you do this! When you become a coach there's a one time fee of $39.95 but since you have purchased a challenge pack in the past, you actually get that waived. You pay but then I have a link to get it reimbursed. Kinda weird, but it's what I had to do too. As a coach you save 25% off all future orders and earn 25% commissions income for enrolling challengers. The only on going cost to being a coach is the monthly fee of $15.95 BUT even if you never end up helping anyone or making a sale you still end up saving about $15 a month on your shakeology every month which is rad! I made it a goal to make back my investment & cover my monthly shakeology by helping 3 people a month ( coworkers, friends, family) and consistently did that on the side while working a full time job, each and every month growing my side hobby into a full time career. It’s cool because it’s up to you how much you work and how much you earn! Let me know if you have more questions but I feel like you’d be so great at it!

Here are the steps to join as a coach!

1)Click on the following link:

2. When you’re officially a coach with a coach ID - Go to this link & request to be reimbursed:

3. Congrats! Let me know when you're all done so I can add you to our team group & get you all the additional info xo