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What is Emerald? Its when you sign up 2 coaches under you. One on each leg. See diagram above ( when you go to sign up your first 2 coaches they'll be placed on one leg automatically - after that talk with your sponsor coach about placement ) A fast way to do this is to sign them up with a challenge pack right off the bat. Especially if it's your husband, partner, best friend or mom. ( NOTE: compliance will only allow you + 2 on with the same credit card. They MUST be a parent or spouse or child over 18. They will be at the TOP of your organization and you could always work their business down the road for extra income. I became emerald my first 2 weeks as a coach by signing up my good friend and my then finance. He didn't work the business but we had an extra bag of shakeo coming to the house which was cool because he drank it too. I made it my non negotiable to always earn at LEAST $200 a month to cover our shakeology. But I never had to worry about that because I was emerald and hitting success club my first month, I always got my commissions plus team cycle bonuses, more on that later.

Ok, now let's talk about WHY going Emerald is something that's important and why you should do it, and why you will continue to encourage and coach YOUR new coaches to do the same. When you go emerald you step up and treat your business like a business. Luckily for us that means we are paying this forward and HELPING MORE people collectively as a team.

Here are some reasons WHY Emerald is super important:

#1- Your earning potential at "Coach" status is purely commission. We make a generous 25% which is amazing, but it's not what is going to make up your long term income growth, and it's important to know that.

#2- The potential to earn Team Cycle Bonuses. Again, like the "legs" talk, this may not make sense for a while, but it will begin to make sense soon! You can watch that video we posted about team bonus cycles earlier today! As an Emerald coach, you can earn $14 per cycle bonus. That goes up to $16 per cycle as a Ruby coach, and $18 per cycle as a Diamond coach. As your team starts to grow and they begin to hit goals and produce volume, your team cycle bonuses will start to grow!

**Your upline coach can help you identify your "weak leg" and "strong leg". This will be important for you to know as you grow your team and pick which leg to place new coaches on. Again, something that will become second nature soon enough, so just trust, and ask for help!

#3- The third way you can earn as an Emerald coach is your ability to earn Free Customer Leads. These are customers that go on to Team Beachbody to purchase something or sign for a free account. If they do not have a coach, they get assigned to one! This is an incredible program that will earn you some extra cash and give you the chance to make new connections with your leads. There are Star Diamond coaches on our team that started out as leads!

#4- Go Emerald for the PUBLIC RECOGNITION! Beachbody makes this a really attainable first goal for a reason you guys! When you hit this major milestone, especially in your first month, it's going to show those around you that are watching you that you are SERIOUS and you are moving your business FORWARD and it gets their attention!:) I love recognition for that reason! Let your coach shower you with love and show your friends and family that you're kicking some major booty and that you're here to stay!


Talk with your sponsor coach to establish a plan for diamond. The income potential grows much faster with diamond and star diamond rank!




Team Bonus Cycles: