How to overcome rejection and objections! 

Hearing NO can be hard. I want you to remember that when you hear NO it is not personal or about you. They either don't understand the value YET or they need to learn a bit more. It's human nature to be skeptical. The more people you talk to the more people you will have say NO, but this will also relate to the number of YES's you get. I always try to think of a NO as a "not right now". You want to work with people who are READY to change so it's best they do it when they're ready. This is why follow ups and checking back in after a NO or not right now are GOOD! It shows people you care and that youre thinking of them! We never want to feel pushy or salesy so keep it casual / chill but DO NOT take that as an excuse to stop inviting, sharing, connecting or following up! This is WHY personal development is SO important. It sucks to be told NO, it makes us feel like were not good at this or meant to do this and I want to assure you ALL COACHES HEAR NO!


Watch this amazing training by Brianna Hedley regarding handling objections. 

*Skip to min 14 to get to Brianna

I encourage you to read the book GO FOR NO and continue with your daily personal development to work past any feeling you have about hearing NO.


*Remember you can change these up to fit you and the situation and save them in your google docs or google streak snippets to share when these objections come! 

Money objection 1:

I totally understand how you feel. I felt the same way too at first. I saw the value in investing in my health and knew it would make every other area of my life better. For as little as $8-$15 a month you get so much for a YEAR! At first, I had no idea how I could afford it but I took a look at things I spent money on and realized I could cut corners in other areas of my life to be able to afford it. I was eating out more then I realized, buying drinks here and there and all that adds up! I also spent without even realizing it on water bottles, kombucha, coffees, snacks and other little things when I was out and about. I realized that one serving of Shakeology was only about $4 and I could totally afford it (it's basically the same price as a beer or coffee!) When I fully commited to the program, starting making most of my own meals and drinking shakeology I realized with the structure I was actually saving money. And getting results. Which is sorta priceless..

Money objection 2:

I found out I could enroll as a coach for free with the challenge pack and earn money by referring some of my friends while I was getting fit! What a WIN WIN! I invited 10-15 people, and with just 3 or 4 people joining me in on this challenge to live a healthier life, I made enough to cover my costs! It sounds like you really want to do this and are just hesitant because of money. Why don't we do like I did back when I was just starting with you? You can earn enough money so you don't have to worry anymore. Sound like a plan? Who do you know who may be interested?

Money objection 3:

I totally understand making this investment sounds scary when funds are so tight. I know you don't want to add to your expenses, but there's no better investment you can make than in your own health. You are so worth it! Have you considered doing what I do and becoming a coach? You could earn back your investment by referring friends to start their health and fitness journeys along with you. Just getting 3-4 friends started would cover your cost and I will work with you every step of the way to help you make that happen. This is how so many top coaches have gotten started. Even if you don’t want something like this to become a full time career, it can at the very least pay for your health and fitness program! I know you want to do this and make a change. Let's work on this together so you can earn your investment back and not have to worry. What do you say? Who do you know who might be interested?

Shakeology objection:

Prospective client: What is in a shakeology shake that is different from a protein shake?

Me: Protein shakes are just that...protein. Typically whey from cow's milk or plant proteins from greens. There is nothing else on the market like Shakeology. It is a complete protein source, but it is also made up of super fruits and antioxidants to help with heart health and optomize blood pressure, phytonutrients to detox and alkalinize the body (make it non-acidic), adaptogens to protect the body from stress and balance the endocrine system, and pre-and probiotics and digestive enzymes to help your guts micro biome to help with digestion and improve regularity. It will also help increase nutrient absorption so that when you start eating a balanced diet, your body will be able to take all that it needs from what you eat! It also helps curb cravings as you make these healthy changes! ALL of this comes purely from WHOLE foods that are dried and ground and then formulated together to also taste great.

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