Using SCRIPTS to help with conversations/recruiting and objections is crucial for being efficient! 

So we know we want to help people and we don't want to be sales people but we also don't have time to retype everything all the time.

I have adapted this inviting process to reflect me and my personality so feel free to read over these and change them to fit you!

Having a place where you can SAVE all of your most common messages, will save you so much time in life. I often change mine up, but always save them so I can copy and paste to save time!


1. Watch this video


2. No go create your own google docs or start your own google streak and your scripts to your snippets! ( see more in getting organized!)

It's free and it's awesome. Start your own and copy and paste the 2 step inviting scripts ( here ) Add to them, edit them and get them ready to be YOUR words. You can access google docs from your phone or computer so you can answer people's emails easy wherever you are!

You will be adding to your own Google docs account all the time. I'm constantly rewriting them and changing them to fit new launches, coach sneak peeks, challenge groups or free groups!

Scripts allow you to SAVE TIME, keep control of the conversation, give them the best information ALL without word vomiting on them. It keeps you as the "professional" with the best recommendation for them. Also, too much information is going to overwhelm people. By the time you get them to the questions they normally are ALL IN. They are able to get clear with THEMSELVES their goals and desires. It's a cool process to watch unfold and that is where I usually really connect with my customers. They will open their hearts to you and remind you WHY this is so special. Never skip the questions step. Even if you know them really well! This also gives you valuable information to help remind them of their goals later down the road!

I ALWAYS make my step 2 (step with the link) customized to their goals and responses. NEVER rush this one and you always want your customer to know you READ their answers. I love this part so I give this step the most of my love, care and thought.

THAT is what differentiates us from just "SALES PEOPLE" and makes us caring! It's not selling it's sharing something THAT WORKS for people

Script examples: