As a new coach you'll want to keep track of your daily activities! Without a plan, plan to fail! Since we are all busy, let's be real.. it's even more important you are DILIGENT with your precious time. 

You'll hear a lot about POWER HOURS. This just means your productive work time. It can be a solid hour or more, if you have it. Or it can be broken into "power pockets" throughout the day. The beauty of this, is that it's up to you! 

I highly suggest you find what works for you. Pen and paper or some type of daily tracker!

Here are a few:

Business Activity Tracker:


Also check out the Walker, jogger and Runner tracking sheets in the files of TEAM TCB Facebook Page under photo album " activity tracker" I suggest printing the one you want to use and then laminating it at FED-EX / Kinkos for $3 to use with dry erase markers! 


Another amazing way to track your invites! 

This video by coach Haley Christian!


Google Streak! There are several other training videos on youtube!