Shakeology and pregnancy!


First of all I have to say that you should always talk to your doctor and decide what's best for you and your body! I have been drinking Shakeology everyday for almost 4 years and it makes me feel amazing. It's SO MUCH MORE than a protein shake! Yes, it has protein but it also has probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients and 70+ superfoods. A lot of time protein shakes on the market are designed to help you gain muscle and the actual ingredients are poor. I love shakeology knowing that I'm not skimming on the quality. 

It also helps me with my energy and cravings! So it seems like a no brainer for me to continue. I know several other women who have continued to drink shakeology through multiple pregnancies and while breastfeeding. Some are even Rn's. I also know my body and know that is right for me and my baby. I also hope that anyone researching if Shakeology is right for them would have the same level of discretion for ALL things they are consuming whether pregnant or not. And while we are at it, think about what we are experiencing! Stress and rest are just as HUGE in our contributing to overall health and wellbeing. A lot of women think "eating for 2" means indulging in sweets and fast food. In reality we only need a couple extra hundred calories!

During my first pregnancy, I was younger but struggled more in my first trimester. I didn't have any exercise in my life and I didn't eat that great. I was SO TIRED. How was I supposed to start working out? It stressed me out. During this pregnancy I've had so much more energy and I'd like to thanks my starting health and shakeology for a hand in that. It hasn't been perfect though! For these first 10 weeks I have been struggling with eating any veggies. They sound DISGUSTING and although I don't have any actual "morning sickness" carbs and cheese just sound better. Having my daily shake and being able to blend in fruit, fresh veggies ( l love adding fresh spinach!) and healthy fats keeps me extra full and satisfied for hours. I also feel so good knowing I am getting healthy nutrients in while I navigate life through these food aversions. 

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I have always preferred the vegan favors. It's not that I'm vegan, I just like knowing I can avoid animal products and not have it compromise value, quality or ingredients. Another plus of sticking with the vegan formulas during pregnancy is that this formula does not have added vitamins. In addition to my daily shake I also take a daily prenatal vitamin including DHA ( for added healthy omega 3 fats) and a folate supplement. I also add collagen powder, XCT oil and Udo's 3-6-9 Omega oil blend. Learn more about the benefits of adding these extra fats here! Keep in mind these additions are good for you pregnant or not! 


If you want to order some Shakeolgy or want to talk more about this send me an email through my site! Shop the flavors HERE!

Watch this video for a little bit more insight on how amazing shakeology is! 



While we are on the subject of supplements I will add that I also am still enjoying my pre workout energize on days I work out! I am trying to stick to under 200 mg a day of caffeine as suggested by American Pregnancy organization. I used to probably have about 500! LOL! I love coffee! I'm still enjoying coffee, but I've cut back. I have switched to decaf or "half cafs" ( Americano's with 2 shots of espresso - one regular and one decaf) or one small cup in the morning and then a full scoop Beachbody energize. I misread the container and thought it was 200mg for one scoop so for the first few weeks I was only having one scoop! Then someone brought it to my attention a full scoop was only 100. #duh 

Energize is a pre workout unlike many on the market. It is free of harsh chemicals and additives. It's also the only one I've seen that doesn't have a WARNING label on it about how you shouldn't take it for more than a certain amount of weeks. Wait, what? Scary! The ingredient list for energize is short and I was able to research each one feeling confident about ingesting it during pregnancy. Again, Please talk to your doctor before taking this while pregnant. I just feel good knowing that the caffeine is low and comes from natural green tea.

It's been really helpful at motivating me to get my workouts in as I struggle with feeling sluggish, tried and bigger. While I wait for this bump to debut, I feel like I'm walking around with cement boots on. I know it has to do with hormones and extra fluids but its also effecting my workouts. The pre workout really helps with this. 

You can order the big tub or a 10 pack sample pack HERE! 

almost 11 weeks!

almost 11 weeks!